Sorry for Another noob question but im still pretty new to the whole guitar and how it all works. I keep hearing things like "put it through the fx loop" but im kind of confused how that works. would using the fx loop look like this?

guitar --> wah --> distortion --> amp --> delay
No Fx loop is only on some amps. It is an out after the preamp then an in before the poweramp. you would put your effects between these, and still run your guitar in normally.
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Unless its electronic drums.

You can try running different things through the effects loop, but wether or not you'll like it would all be a matter of opinion. The effects loop will be in the back of the amp being, 'Send'-'Return'. You run your guitar the same way you normally would, but the effects loop is just the way to go with some pedals. For instance, I run my BBE Sonic Maximizer through my amps effects loop, because you can notice how much more of an effect it has when in the loop.