Im selling my weber mass 150 for amps upto 150w (wouldnt do any serious attenuation on amps over 100w though!)

This is basically a better THD Hotplate. If you go to the gear section on the forum and ask about attentuators, everyone will tell you to get a weber. I got this 3 weeks ago but have decided to sell all my loud stuff (also selling a Laney LC15r and Orange Tiny Terror) Probably not going to get a valve amp (or if i do it will be the zvex nano) so i may aswell sell this too. You cant get these in the UK, but in the US they cost $225 from the weber website, which is about £115, plus postage which would be about £30 and then customs charges which could be like £30 or something... Needless to say these are hard to get a hold of in the UK, so sensible offers only please.

Paypal or cheque only, will have to wait for cheque to clear though. Can pick up from Stockton-on-Tees, cash on collection. Oh and if you have online banking and MSN we can do it though online banking, its free that way paypal will charge about £5 or something. Feel free to ask questions

i just got a weber mass100 on monday, if you had put this up 2-3 weeks ago id have bought it off you
haha same about that jubilee of yours :P ive only had this 3 weeks anyway

you could always get a back up :P did you get your mass 100 new?
yes i got it new from weber, ordered it about 3 weeks ago, still waiting on the vat bill from fed ex, probably going to be about £35, i know thats what it cost last time they imported something for me for the same value
yup, wattage doesnt matter. its just the bigger the attenuator the bigger the amp you can use with it. Thats why THD hotplates dont come in different wattages, they are all just 185w so that they can be used with pretty much any amp.

They go inbetween the amp and the speaker
from the weber website about the 150 mass:

"MASS with 150 watt rating. 8 ohms. May be used on 4, 8, and 16 ohm amplifiers"

hello again chris... we'll have to stop meeting like this... lol

how much are you looking for for this? and can i use it on my tiny terror? and if so, why arent you using it on yours?

let me know, i have been looking for one of these for a while... could be too good an opportunity to miss...

Thank you please.
Hi dunc... we really will!

Im glad you asked that mate, its something i forgot to mention. The Mass 150 doesnt seem to like the Tiny Terror, maybe it is just me, but it sounds a little "glassy". its hard to describe but in some respects its not too different to the uncranked sound. I cant think why though :S i took the mass to a shop and played through a blackheart little giant and a marshall DSL401 and it attenuated both really really well. I did get this TT second hand though, so maybe the valves need replacing. Does anyone know if cranked amps can sound "fizzy" with knackered valves?

Like I say, great results with the DSL401 and blackheart, not so great with the TT. It could work fine with yours, maybe my valves are just worn out. The cleans sound amazing though, so maybe its just that they dont like each other. I wouldnt risk it dunc. I didnt list the TT and Mass as they dont like each other, but individually my TT sounds brilliant clean and the Mass sounded amazing with the marshall and blackheart... I was going to say maybe its because its a 15w amp and the attenuator is 150w.... but it did work well on the blackheart (although i was just attenuating a little just to take the edge off)

Also, im not using the attenuator because there are just too many things connected and i cant take it all to uni - i want something that does everything in one box if you see what i mean, rather than having a head, cab, attenuator, pedalboard and so on... Hope this helps

no worries chris... i'm sure ill get some more of your wares though... might get a painting at some point..

catch you later bro.

Thank you please.
Hey, could you PM me your MSN address? I'm pretty interested in this - I'm thinking about building an isolation box right now, but I haven't got much room for one.