well i started playing guitar long time ago ang got it a fender frontman 15g model.well it was always painful to listen to a song and then wanting to sound something like it on this amp.it's just sound really bad. i got at the moment 100€ and wanna get some money.so my budget will be around 300-500€ (not more) end of the yaer.i wasted alot of money making a car licence.so i feel pretty poor

i want it to sound crunchy and more hard rock style.i shall have a warm tone!not like this amp-where you play a chord at 3distortion and it sound like crap and with higher dis it only gets worse.it shall NOT sound deep and to metal.i'm looking for the jimmy page, jeo perry, slashy, even bluesy stile.
good idea, i never liked fender. i would recommend a vox amp, small marshall, hughes and kettner, or a line 6. i would also recommend getting one with tubes.
why dont you get a distortion pedal??
theres cheap ones on ebay
like the Digitech rp50
i got one, and there pretty good
HIM rocks
I've got a Crate Palomino, and man that thing is really nice for classic rock/blues type stuff. Crate isn't making them anymore, so you'll have to find one used or on ebay or something, but the're really nice.
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First things first. Learn how to use a keyboard (and/or spell). Then, look at valvekings or Blackheart Handsome Devils. If you want Solid State, and you want to stay small, see if you can dredge up an Orange Crush 15 or 30.
I'm putting my GAS on hold
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disortion pedal is not going to change his tone, i would buy a small tube amp and get a distortion pedal like a fulltone distortion pro or a big muff, frontmans are good to start out with but a upgrade is very much needed (tube amp)

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i got a boss mega distortion md-1 pedal and a zoom 505II witch was total crap nd brand new and was broken after a year..the boss is ok.but it's just not the real thing becouse of the speaker.it dosent sound warm.most chord like the G sound awful.you dont even hear them as chords..more as distorted noise

lol never thought of it.would be a funny pic

/edit: btw i'm from slovenia.so i can't get most of the amps ~_~
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So you blew a lot of money making a fake Driver's License?

....well, at least you can drive to the store and try some stuff out, just don't do it after bar hopping

Fender SuperChamp or Blues Jr
Peavey Vavleking or Classic 30 used
Vox maybe. B52 maybe.
Good lower watt amps would be Epi Valve Jr (new Senior), Blackhearts.

If you can go used check out what you see on eBay and Craigslist.
ok now i found 2 good amps or me... a roland cube 60 or a h&k edition blue 60r
what would be the better one for a good aerosmith, gnr sound?