I'm about to buy this:

off a friend and wondered about a couple of things -

Firstly, who are Godman? That's the manufacturer.

Secondly, is the body a 3/4 size? the arrangement of knobs (missing at the mo!) looks placed differently to a standard LP shape...

Cheers, Chris
Haven't played it yet - the person I'm buying it from has had it as a project guitar for a while, but was always pleased with it. I'm only picking it up to have a bit of fun with as he's selling it to me for basically nothing.

Any idea though on the size/make questions
Seems to be the same make, but this one is wood with what seems to be mock tortoiseshell top - I saw that reveiw, which helps with the manufacturer a little....

any idea on body size or is it too hard from that photo?
The body size is smaller than normal Les Paul. That I'm sure. If they made it after 3/4 body size standard or not I don't know.

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That body is tiny compared to the size of the neck. That doesn't necessarily make a bad guitar, but to me it doesn't look right.
Thanks for all the feedback - I'm none the wiser really now!

Might still pick it up - for the price it doesn't hurt, and I haven't got a project guitar on the go at the moment.
Well I just went and picked up the guitar - it plays really nicely!

Here's a better pic:

The action is super-low, and the small body is actually quite nice as it makes it a little bit more compact. It needs some new knobs and the bridge pickup has been stolen for another project, but I'm thinking of some GFS pickups:

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or some Power Rails:

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