I'm in the process of learning to play Comfortably Numb Solo, and there are a few pull offs in the song. I'm having trouble playing fast because of them so I consulted a friend, and he said that he doesn't bother with pull offs, he does alternate picking instead.

I checked on youtube and most of the players also use alternate picking.

So whats the verdict, do I stay the course, play with pull offs or take on alternate picking?
whatever sounds more natural, i guess.
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pull offs would probably be correct, and more connected.
the problem with alt picking it is it accents each note, as when pulling off the first note is accented and the rest aren't.

im sure no one would know the difference though.
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Thanks and you are spot on. Alt picking does accent the note, which is fine in Comfortably Numb, at least to my ears.
Although I wonder if I'm the one to blame that my pull offs arent coming across loud enough.