Hey UG, I wanna form my own practise schedule to structure my guitar playing a bit more, what kind of things should I include? I want something pretty strict not just like warm up 10 mins scales 20 mins, cause I've got like 3 weeks left til i go back to school lol. Oh, and also if you know any practise schedules that are online or anything could you mention them.

Thanks in advance
don't go by a schedule play what makes you happy. learn scales in songs and try to improv solo. play with other people. that will et you better three times faster than a dumb practice schedule.
Well, I've never really had a practice schedule, I just sit down and play what I want and learn what I want. It also helps to play with other people.

Also, practice should be fun, if you find it getting boring then change things up a bit.
well starting with a schedule that is TOO drawn out can be a pain. If anything, I'd suggest that during each practice you do warmups with a metronome for 20 or so minutes. This will insure that your playing will be more consistent day to day. You won't have the problem of not being able to play something as fast as you were the day before, at least not as often. However, if you choose to make a schedule, make realistic time adjustments, do you honestly want to run up and down the same scale everyday for 30 minutes? Also, you could try using drum machine software (there's free software called Hydrogen, google it if you're interested) which will add a little variety to your warmups, and who doesn't love goofing around with percussion? Wish you the best.