Hi guys, I've been caught in the whole punk guitar fashion where it is really majorly customised. And I am a very big supporter of being individual so I think its something cool to do. I am customizing my guitar, my punk guitar, Epiphone Les Paul Junior (who I have named "Billie Hannah" if you like named guitars). It is this model:


I am thinking of doing my signature on the headstock (as this is my signature model because I have customized it to my liking) and writing "Billie Hannah" somewhere. Also I want to do some cool art on the fret inlays. I am a pretty decent artist... XD

so any suggestions that will make this "punk icon" guitar more unique?
Making it more unique by copying someone else's style is a contradiction in itself.

Just don't copy a famous guitar and call it unique, know what I mean?

How do you plan to mark up the inlays? I'm afraid any sort of paint would come right off. Or do you mean you want to put custom inlays in it?
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the second you set out to make it more punk, it is no longer punk.

and asking for advice on making it more "unique" would contradict with the punk ethos.

i say this because so many people have no idea what punk is, like when you stated the whole punk guitar "fashion".

in short.. DIY my friend, DIY.
You're a supporter of being an individual, yet you're going to blatantly conform to a stereotype about a subculture you clearly don't belong to/know anything about?

Yeahhh.... sure
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just do whatever floats ur boat. its ur design and it should reflect the way u feel about music and ur instrument. i did this in like a week a couple months ago.
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Way to go about being individual...following the crowd like a sheep
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Yeah, nothing wrong with customizing. All I said was do something original. (if thats what you're looking for)
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well I think that customizing a guitar is pretty cool. And if done right it can be pretty unique. But, Billie Hannah is a horrific name. But for some ideas. You could try painting it like hot pink with some hula girls on it. that would be pretty unique. And, slap some new humbuckers in there. And if you want to, change the name to Mr. Bigs or Scott. something cool like that.
Oh, damn. I'm sorry. It's the White Zombie song.
All my photobucket pics are dead so no links to my guitar build threads.
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Bein' individual you say? huh

Wanna know how a punkguitar looks like? Take a fender model, strat, tele, mustang... and beat the **** out of it. Not fake-relicing just beat it.

Punk = expressing hate in music = show the hate through your instrument.
(I know that there is a lot of other punk-styles, but I think that real punk is showing hate through music )

I bet that when you say punk, you mean Good Charlotte, Green Day and so on... real punk is bands like Dead Kennedys.
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