Hey Guys,

I've practicing a lot lately, working on playing faster. There are certain skills that are easy to maintain once they are learned. But I'm wondering, if I have to practice all the time to obtain a faster playing speed, will I have to constantly keep my hands "in shape" in order to continue to play fast? Will I be doing all this practicing so I can play fast for a few months, and then lose it if I don't maintain practicing so much? I'm relating this to any other physical activity.

I appreciate any input!
In some ways, yes - you'll always need to practice to maintain and improve your playing. Though if you stop practicing it's not like you'll have to re-learn skills you previously mastered, but you will lose some stamina and articulation by not practicing.

I think the real issue is, many players don't make the distinction between playing and practicing. Most of the time people just play riffs and licks they already know, rather than continuously pushing themselves into new territory.