rather different for me, playing around with riffs with a friend yesterday

and this is what spawned!

hopefully this will get finished soon, and more songs like this will come up

this is a WIP, so don't go skitz over the order and everything, it's not complete

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I liked the part with the keyboards.
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Well I wasn't a huge fan of the intro riff. The 15/8 time sounded off, and the drum toms didn't really fit.

It got a little better at 5 when the drum beat came in, but it still didn't relly keep me interested. Plus the dissonant harmony at measure 7 was entirely uneccesary.

The riff at 9 was pretty lackluster. Plus the drum beat you put behind it did not fit at all.

The next section with the ascending progression sounded better, but there was just something missing.

41 is MUCH better. It sounds nice and full with those strings. The tempo change was a little choppy though. At bar 45 and all others like it, for the strings it sounds much better if you change the highest note of the chord (E#) to an E natural.

Yeah you should try to structure this better. You pretty much played the exact same song twice in a row. That's pretty boring, if you ask me. You should add some breaks and interludes and stuff like that, but try to keep it flowing nicely at the same time. So far, I'll give it a 6/10. Keep it up.
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Quote by TeraBite
ok, i've sorted the time sig for the main riff, and got rid of the tom intro

sound any better?

It sounds a little bit better. But the timing sounds WAY better if you eliminate the first two 64th notes. I did it for you, so you can check it out and see if you like it. I also changed the drums a little.
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Well, for not being the biggest fan of thrash metal, this one didn´t sound that much like thrash (metal, lol). It´s kinda like New Trash (the former "Metalcore") because it´s not really core, but I can still see the charactaristics of a Core song in there. The worst thing about this song was the main riff. It just seemed... like a riff for a bridge or something, but not like something to build a song around. The tempochange was a bit interrupting, you need some serious transition in there, or it will sound very out-of-place. Nothing wrong with the Chorus, although I would let one guitar play octaves only, and the other one rhythm. I missed the shreddy unharmonic solo thats one of the main characteristics of thrash metal. Not bad, but definitly need some serious work.
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