Hey I'm only playing guitar for a week now but,

I was wondering if it's better to look at your left (frets) or your right (strumming)hand while playing the chords or just look at something else?
Well, really it would be best to look at something else but that's not always possible. If you're having more trouble with your left hand, look at your left hand and vice versa.
You should probably take the time to look at both, but for now I'd say focus on your fretting hand so you know where to move when switching chords.
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If you're just starting out, switch between. Eventually your strumming will become like 2nd nature and you won't need to look, but forming chords is important. Look mainly up there but the odd glance down the guitar doesn't hurt.
Well you pretty much look where you would need the aid of you eyes most; usually your left hand. But, yeah, if you're having trouble strumming one minute, look there, and if you're having trouble fretting another minute, look there.
I looked at my left hand until I absolutely didn't have to, then I switch to my right hand
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