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And I feel so bad. The people at the vet wanted to put him down but my mom said no. So now hes in my bed, looks miserable, wont eat, drink or move, starts breathing heavy at times...god this sucks.
And we will send you to whatever God you wish...
I think it's better you put him down than let him starve to death. It's hard I'm sure but it's for the dog's best, don't you think?
That sucks. I think it's best to put him down. That's better than him suffering.

What happened to him?
Sorry, i had to do it....

But really, that sucks.

and for a little ray of sunshine...that happened to my dog once but she got better....i dont know if its the same thing though.
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Yeah. It wasn't my decision. There was a chance he would get better. and did for a day or two. but now hes worse.
And we will send you to whatever God you wish...

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Putting it down sounds like the humane thing to do if there is nothing you can do for it. My sympathies buddy
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That sucks man, but if he is suffering, you should really convince your mother to put him down. My regards though.
why the hell are you in the pit , if your dog is dying now????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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I don't know exactly whats wrong. He just got sick. But my other dog has a tumor as well, like maggot said his did.
And we will send you to whatever God you wish...
Tell your mom that she either gets him put down, which is a peaceful death, or lives with the guilt of letting him suffer, and die in pain.
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I'm sorry to hear that man.
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Dude, i just finished watching Requiem for a Dream, this thread is going to push me over the edge of depression.

Sorry though dude, i feel for you..

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you should put it down man.. i know its hard. my dog after 14 years, turned diabetic, and so we took care of his needles and allthat, but then 2 months later, he was completely def, and on his last day, he went completely we had the poor lil guy put down...
This same thing happened to my dog back in march, she had a tumor in her lung, and she would spend all night just walking around because it hurt her to lie down. By the end she was trying to stand up but her back legs were giving out. It's terrible having to see your pet go through that kind of pain. We had to put her down. You should put him out of his misery, it's better than watching him go through that.

Sorry man
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Put him out of his misery.

seriously. i know its hard, but its probably the best option. you guys are just letting your dog suffer.

good luck.
put it down, man, the poor thing sounds miserable. Similar thing just happened with my uncles dog, it's tough, but seeing it like that would be worse.
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I really feel for you, I'm sorry to hear that. I went through that a couple of months ago, right after I got home from school for the summer. I came home and she (Lexi, a chocolate lab) was fine for about the first 3 weeks, then she suddenly went downhill, she stopped eating, drinking, and going outside. This went on for like 2 weeks, and at one point she seemed to get better, but ended up getting even worse, so we ended up taking her to get put down. She was 13, I miss her .
take it to the vet, and stay with it

i had a dog id had for 14 years die back in march, i was at school in the principles office, and he called my parents telling them what id done and they were at the vet and he handed me the phone and told me the dogs cancer was spreading and they were ablout to put her down when the principal called
and when i got home they yelled at me for 1/2 an hour, then told me they had put her down
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sorry to hear that mate, truly.
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I had a dog my whole life who was 16, and he gradually began to lose the support in his back legs til near the end he could barely even walk, we came downstairs in the morning and he was lying in a pool of blood from his nose and mouth..we think he had a stroke or something. Obviously we decided then that he needed to be put down, but I think we should have done it sooner as he ws clearly in pain for quite a while.

You should defintley consider getting your dog put down before she gets worse and you end up regretting it. Sorry to hear that anyway
That's terrible dude, but if the animals in pain then I think it would be best to put it out of its misery...guess that's real easy to say...not so easy to do....
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He died about 2 hours ago. atleast hes done suffering.
And we will send you to whatever God you wish...
No offense, but your mother is rather cruel for not letting the dog pass away peacefully. I know if my dog gets like that (soon probably, he is old) then i wouln't hesitate to put him down for compassion and mercy.

EDIT: I'm really sorry to hear. RIP Dog.
edit..i'm sorry

loss of a pet is always a tough one,my dog died about a year back,my bigget regret was that i didn't go with him to be put down,i just didn;t wanna see him lifeless after living with him being so strong and fun all his life.

what was his name?
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His name was Jay Jay. A golden retreiver.

But I agree with you guys, it should have been put down earlier.
And we will send you to whatever God you wish...
That sucks. I'm really sorry, dude. I feel for you.
You should really take him back to the vet and have him put down. If there is no chance of him getting better, it's for the best.
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seriously, I'd put him down. He's probably in so much pain right now....taking away the pain would be the right thing to do, ya know?
**** man, But there's no point of having him suffer, just have it done and then remember his memorys.
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dude that sucks man IMO u should get him put down

I fell sorry for ya man

EDIT: Dude soryy he died man that really sucks man sorry u had to see him suffer man. just relax and chill for a long time
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