I've been playing for a few months now, roughly 4 or 5. I can play Fade To Black by Metallica fairly well and the only thing i am now struggling with is the end solo.

I can play the first part of the solo, however when it comes to the fast repeating licks like :


I am just unable to perform these even remotely fast enough.

What I am asking is:

Are there any lessons on UG, or any suggestions that you can give me to help improve on these types of licks.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks.
just practise with a metronome, i've had exactly the same problem.
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kirk is in love with bluesy little licks like that, so practice all of the ones you can find. here's one you'll find in a ton of rock n' roll and blues songs.


the next issue with that lick is that you have to hit the third string, skip over the second string and hit the first string, then come back and hit the second string. it might not seem like it, but this next exercise will help you unimaginably.
d.s. ^ d.s. ^ d.s. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

d.s. stands for downstroke and ^ means up stroke. and yes, on those strings with ^ above, you really have to hit them moving your pick up, towards your head. that's possible the greatest exercise i've found in a while, so keep at it!
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It's a modified form of

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