ok, first let me say im not 100% sure this is where this was supposed to go but it looked the most likely to me. but anyway, i was listening to my sterio really loudly yesterday when my one set of speakers stoped working. i have two sets on either side of my room and the one closer to the sterio stoped, but the other one still works. i checked the fuse and its fine, and i also checked to make sure the speaker cable wasnt touching because i know that can sometimes short it and it was neither of those things. so does anyone know what could have happened and if its fixable or if ill have to buy new speakers. thanks in advance for the help
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no idea... there's the only speaker thread, it's more to do with guitar speakers, but it might be worth a shot.
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sounds like you could have a solder joint that failed due to the vibrations of the loud playing.
Solder joints are weak and if not properly done any type of stress can cause a failure over time. I would open the speaker cab if you can and check the cables.