Alright, so i started playin when i was 13 and got a Epiphone LP Standard and now i want to sell it because it doesnt fit my body style well and its way too heavy.

I've been lookin and researching different guitars and ive come to the conclusion that for now i want to find the cheapest ($200ish-$350 ish) but best quality for sound and action...and also lighter.

Ive been looking at a bunch of strats and other variations of similar guitars and i'm turning to you guys for recommendations cause im lost (theres too many strats for me too know which ones are worth it or not). I've also considered buying a cheap guitar and just buying better pickkups and strings ect.

What should i do and what are some guitars to consider?

Look at low end ESP's, they have Basswood instead of Agathis which is good
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buy a jackson rr1!! they pwn!!!!

One, my budget isnt $2000 dollars, two, I'm not into that whole deathmetal guitar look.
just make sure you dont get a gee-tar with agathis body

MIM HSS Strats are very versatile and good guitars and some lower end esp's and ibanez are actually very good budget guitars
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