Hi everyone, I have a Laney VC30 and just recently I've been getting loads of strange buzzes, fizzing and pops from the amp. They occur at random times and sometimes stop or go for ages! The amp is only 7 months old and hasnt had any tubes changed or anything. The strange thing is the noises occur even when nothing is plugged into the input, and all of the noises are the same volume weather the volume knob is on 1 or 10.
I've never had a problem like this with a tube amp before so could someone please help me?
Oh and i forgot to say I've tried it in different plug sockets which made no difference. Also, I dont think its picking up radio frequencies or anything because my other amps (6505+, Cornford hurricane) pick up nothing.
could be crappy cables
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take the tubes out and brush off any dust or particles that are on them.

Ive swapped the EL84's around and cleaned the pins but it made no difference
from what you said it sounds like a bad connection somewhere between the power amp and the speaker
id take it to the shop and have them look at it
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