i have it narrowed down to these two
any thoughts please reply
they are exactly the same price if you combine with shipping and are pretty much maximum price i can go.
If youre going to try SS, consider the Roland Cube 30 or 60. I had a 30 and it was a fantastic amp. It did metal REAL well.
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Mesa F-50
Hagstrom Swede
ZVEX Fuzz Factory
This should do it

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id say the vox
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I'd go for the Crate Flexwave amps....
But out of the two you posted, I'd go for the Vox.
all 3 of my friends who play guitar have cubes and i wanna be different :p
65w flexwave would be an option i suppose, but would the two 12'' speakers on the vox have any effect on sound quality vs the 1 x 12'' on the other two?