I have an image of a game and it's in .cue format (which Alcohol %120 supports), but it's only 1 kb, and it's next to a .bin file of the correct size of 740 mb. The image finder detects the .cue, I add it, but when I try to mount it, it says "file not accessible." It's in a folder, it isn't compressed, it should be working. Should I maybe try a different mounting program?
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That .cue file is probably a trojan or some other virus/malware.

Either that or it's just plain corrupted.

If you torrented it those are 2 viable explanations. Try downloading it again?
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power ISO

and its normal, Alcohol IMO just isn't that great for ISO(s)

go for
Power ISO
an open source alternative

but seeing this as the pit you will probably have no objection to just "downloading" nero
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Uuuhhh.... well now I managed to somehow change it to .mds by renaming it, but now, OF COURSE, I can't friggin change it back. And it seems that because of that magic ISO won't recognize it. So now all I have to do is change it back to .cue like it was so that magic ISO will recognize it and I can fix it. So how do I do that?

Why does everything have to be so **cking hard?
We're only strays.
mount it with dt, make sure the cue and bin files are in the same folder.
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