Yes, it appears I have come to a crossroads of sorts. I have a 2006 Gibson Les Paul, 1960 reissue in vintage sunburst with all the original hardware. Its a great guitar, and I love the tone, but it just doesn't have many of the features I now want, as my musical tastes have changed. It will fetch quite a lot of money if I auction it off, on the fact that it has been signed by Les Paul, and I have proof of that to back up the claim. But at this time, I need some advice.

My thinking is that I should wait a year or so after Les Paul kicks the bucket, and then sell it for a hefty sum and get the best guitar for my tastes with the money I recieve, or keep it, and update all of its hardware and everything else, OR, finally option; just get enough money to buy the guitar that I want, instead of selling off the Gibson. That will take a long time though, as I am not yet through high school and dont get paid very much for any of the work that I do.

I hope you can help me. Its a hard decision to make, as I love this guitar more than ive loved some girlfriends It will be a shame to see it go, but it just doesnt suit me right now.

wrong forum

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I was in this position a year or so ago...

If this guitar means as much to you as my SG did to me, then for what its worth, keep it.

I can't give you a definitive answer here pal, but if your taste has changed, then maybe it would be ideal to get the hardware changed to suit your needs, or as you say, wait for a while till you have the cash.

I really hope you get this sorted mate

give us a shout and let us know what happens

good luck

Maybe you'll come to the decision i did

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Thanks for the advice. Its going to be a hard decision, but I think with help from here and other places I should know what I'm going to do in a few more days.
Sorry to do this dude, but this is the wrong forum. This really belongs in the Electric Guitar forum.

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