Here is an example of what I'd like to do with a foundation drum track in Cubase....

Say the verse is 4 measures of 4/4 timing... and the chorus is 4 measures of 4/4 timing as well....

I decide that I want to try a pre-chorus in between them that is 2 measures of 3/4 timing....

What is the best way to open up a space for the 2 measures of 3/4 to fit?

I've tried splitting the track, then clicking and dragging but for some reason I can't get the verse and the chorus to separate exactly that much. They either separate for 8 beats or 4 beats leaving too little space or too much. How can I separate them so that there is only exactly a 6 beats space?

Geez.... it's been ages since I've wanted to do something like that. It worked like this in VST5 or in SX or whatever around there. It is probably similar now.

Add a tempo track. You can then adjust the tempo all over the place by drawing in tempo changes and the like all you want. There is also a function where you can change the time signature. Check the manual under tempo track. I know C4 still uses it, as I was in it the other day for something else.

You're using LE right? That means there is no paper manual, but there IS a .pdf manual that came with it - the "Getting into the details" one.


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