I play through a Peavey C30 and I'm looking for an overdrive pedal to boost it that have nice blues, crunchy tones...
I'm playing both classic rock and modern/heavy rock.

Currently, I look at the Digitech Bad Monkey, Blues Screamer, Boss OD-3 and BD-2 ...
My local guitar store dosen't have any of those
Any help ?
If you're certain you want one of those pedals, order it online. Other than that it's best to try out the pedal before buying it.

Maybe talk to the workers at the music shop and see if they'd order them for you?
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i'm not familiar with the amp, but if it is a tube, look at the ibanez ts-9, or if you can afford it, the ts-808. Those pedals were made for the specific instance of pushing a tube amp.
You can also try GT-OD and ZW44 Zakk Overdrive, both from MXR.
Youtube links for infomation:

MXR ZW 44: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cO46SLtj23A
MXR GT-OD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnuxmBwNNgI

I have ZW44 and it works great. Down with gain, up with the volume - sounds awsome. The name on the pedal (Zakk Wylde) might be understand as it is a powerfull overdrive pedal - but Zakk is using it as a booster for a dirty JCM amp.
Worth to try out this one.
dude, i just got the Ibanez tubescreamer TS808, and it is God in a pedal. it will make any amp sound like the balls. if you have the money, i recommend you to buy it, 100%. it will never disappoint you.
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Try them out in a shop, the Bad Monkey is good on a budget though.
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