Title says it all. Really, does progressive rock/metal/anything have anything to do with 80s rock, or shred? Sure, both progressive and shred are usually technically diffecult genres, but, that's about it, isn't it?
i agree. progressive seems more like shred in recent years, but those old school prog bands really dont fit in here

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first read the assumed definition of shred on this particular forum.

2nd: forum for every genre takes a hell too moderate.

3rd. what the other guy mentioned: it all shares technical/advanced/shred (or however u want too call it) GUITAR work. I'm sure there are prog only forums around; this is just not 1 of them. Difference makes it all

Anyways don't question it, I mean. You could have ended up in the emo forum.. jk

But ye i slightly agree. Who knows, maybe it will change some day.

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Who's Andy Timmons??
im glad its like this

i get to talk about Jason Becker/ Marty Friedman and Symphony X in the same forum
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