well, i searched around the forums and i couldnt find a Pantera thread...
and how can there b no pantera thread when they are one of the best metal bands eveeerrr

Any other fans here!?!?

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yeee i be a fan... pantera pwns!! ive got a mouth for war nig!!
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yeah F*cking Hostile
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No Pantera thread? We should be ashamed.
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No Pantera thread? We should be ashamed.

i know, thats what i was thinking.

and if you think they dont deserve a thread listen to the solo (and the song) Domination.
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cuz ppl hate how power metal they are cuz they think its "gay" or w.e, which is immature and dirogitory
Is there a Pantera thread? Surely there is..
If not Im up for using this.

Im still a die hard fan regardless of the opinions of Metal snobs and of course the little fan boy stupidheads lol
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I'm pretty sure there's around 7 pantera threads, but meh.

Becoming and Slaughter are sick songs. Personally, I think Dimebag was a better rhythm guitarist than a lead.
SbS is another pretty good song.

btw i dunno i think it was good for dimebag to b lead...

i wonder what megadeth woulda turned out like if dimebag had said yes and joined em along with his brother.

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omg rip dimebeg

dam skitzo's
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Tedious. TS fails for failure of searching properly.

Saltless thread lacks salt.
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i love how Magero used this in the search tutorial, and people STILL make new ones.
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