Does anyone know a way to change the volume on like 2000 MP3's at once to be the same. Like in Audacity but in a batch.

Im getting tired of all my Led zep and Queen being like 20 decibels quieter than my modern stuff.

The loudness war.

All modern music is mastered to be as loud as possible and it destroys the dynamics. You should be pleased to have some decent led zep masters and not the crappy re mastered ones that wreck the track.

If you really want to, you could just compress the shit out of it
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u shud check out a program called mp3gain, i used it on all my mp3's to change them all to about 89db
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u shud check out a program called mp3gain, i used it on all my mp3's to change them all to about 89db

Don't compress it, it'll lose all its dynamic qualities. And then whenever John Bonham hits the kick drum, Jimmy Page will become quieter.

I don't know how to do it in a batch, but I know what I've found to work is something called an RMS meter, which is like a HUGE master fader for an audio track. It controls the loudness of a given file (before it goes to any kind of output device) and allows you to make it as loud as possible. It's a mastering tool, I believe. I use one called FreeG from a company called Sonalksis, I don't know what Audacity uses, but it works within my Cubase LE.
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lol, yeh i know, i have a ****ty ipod so i had to lower all the tracks so they wouldn't distort when using the eq presets
there is a thing in Itunes that you right click go through the menus and you can change the volume of the mp3
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+1000 on Mp3Gain

what is does is changes the average volume of your files so they will all sound like they're around the same level.

It does not re-encode or compress the files in any way. There is a number stored in the mp3tag info that controls the level of a mp3 file. This program calculates the average volume of each file and adjusts it accordingly. The result is the perceived voulme will be the same for all tracks. AND if you decide you don't like it you can undo the changes with no harm at all to the files. I highly recommend it.
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