I have a Dunlop power brick to power some of my pedals but I'm also using a normal 9v power adapter from the wall. I've noticed this gives me a load of unwanted hum and noise, whereas just using the power brick is fine. Will this be because the adapter is "unregulated"? I'm just wondering whether a regulated power adapter would stop it happening?

try plugging them into seperate outlets first if it's possible. is the brick and the adapter both plugged into a 6way? if so try plugging the brick or adapter it doesn't matter which into an outlet on the wall or something and see if it still does it with the power supply's in two completely seperate outlets. if the brick and 9volt are plugged into two seperate outleats and you still get noise then i would probably go ahead and do what you suggested yourself and just get the regulated power supply thats supposed to go with whatever pedal your using. i've heard of a few people having problems with their bricks, i just recently got one and havent had any problems from it yet. (i hope i wont ever have any issues with it) but alot of ppl report noise and hum especially with the 18volt side. but on the other hand alot of ppl also would say the brick is ONE of the best power suppplies out there. so i don't know man, try changing that adapter and see what happens
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Ok, I'll give that a try - thanks! Hopefully just an adapter will work, otherwise I'll have to get another brick which seems a bit excessive for what I want..! power supplies and electricity in general confuse me, lol