It sounded like you were running out of breath, and having to force yourself to hold the notes in parts.

Still, a really nice cover.
nice rendition. the feel is great, your voice fits your version very well. i do agree with calabur about the running out of breath. your vocals have good tone and you hit the notes well, but it just seems like you cut a lot of the notes off too soon. other than that, very cool.
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thanks guys!! i was trying a few different ways to do the chorus, if thats what your talking about
Great Job

You Have a good voice. You have a really RnBish voice wich isn't exactly my style but it sounds really good. My only small complaint is your guitar tone sounds a little thin but thats just me being overcritical. Overall Nice Job!
It's a great cover, but you do breathe funny. Not just in the chorus (it did sound like you were struggling though) but you would put breaths in strange places, like in the middle of a phrase. It made the song sound kind of broken to me.

Other than that it was awesome, you have an excellent voice!
Wow. Just re- listening I can hear it now. But thats insane, how did you guys ever notice that? I would never have known. Is it really distracting?

--I notice it around the word Cannonball
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I actually don't think the way you chose to break up the lines is distracting. It kinda fits the way you're playing the song. The strumming you are using is kinda chopped along the same lines as your vocal phrasing. Sure it isn't exactly like Oasis, but this is a cover not an impersonation. I think it's good! It kinda sounds like Jason Mraz covering Oasis to me lol
It was pretty good. A different take on a favorite. Reminded me of Jason Mraz.
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Awesome voice. That was also an interesting and different way to perform the song. Very nice.
Great job.

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Thanks guys I really like the percussive rhythm so I use it whenever it sounds good. I like the strumming pattern so this is what I ended up with. Thanks for the kind words.
Awesome job! That was a great interpretation. I have to disagree with the earlier responses about the breathing. I think that particular touch added a unique character to it, and I actually think it made it better. Kudos.

What kind of microphone is that you're using, and how much did it run you?
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Hey thanks man! I'm glad you guys enjoyed it. Im using a AKG Perception 200 and it was around 200$ when I bought it. I'd expect it to be right around 150 or so by now.