I'm looking for a new guitar, which doesn't have a trem system. I have a little over $1000 to spend and I was thinking about buying a Dave Mustaine VMNT1

Anyone have any experience with one? I've read the lower model Deans aren't that great.

My main concern are the pickups, because I've never played with that type before. And just to let you know, I can't go and play one a Guitar Center or somewhere like that because we don't have one anywhere remotely close.

I play music along the lines of Megadeth, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Testament

If it helps, I use a Boss GT-8 processor and a Mesa Boogie DC-5 tube amp.
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I've played it.

To start off, it's BIG. It was much bigger than my King V, but it still had a really nice feel. I felt my hand naturally fit the VMNT more than my Jackson. It's a very good guitar, sturdy and such. The pickups will scream with your amp; there's not a lot to worry about.
Yah, I've got one and its pretty awesome, and not really that big at all. Pretty standard for a V really. Now big would be my BC Rich Kerry King. That one is a big b1tch!
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I need more opinions, but so far I think I'm going to buy it

What do you all think about the silver color VMNT?
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I've always wanted one but never had the cash and could never justify it to myself (because I play almost exclusively sitting down). I'd get the Angel of Deth though. But yeah, it's a great guitar. I believe the Livewire pickups in it were the precursors to the Blackouts. Not sure though.

But yeah, get it.
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