I have been a member of the UG community a long freaking time and use this website to get alot of updates as well as alot of my friends here at Texas A & M University. I play lead and rythm in a metalcore band called Convicted of Treason and guitar and lead vocals for the alternative band Detour Ahead. Please listen to my bands and feel free to give me feedback whether good or bad and feel free to critique it, as long as it is constructive at least!



P.S. If any of you know some bands traveling through Texas. Feel free to contact me through the my space pages because I know all the bookers in this area and could probably hook them up with a gig.
"To be a rock and not to roll." Zeppelin
I've been wanting to do that version of carol of the bells forever. You guys did a great job! I love your melodies and the drumming is fking spectacular.