Hi I need to get a new amp.
I currently have a Roland cube 15x but i'm going to give it to my cousin and he's going to give me a acoustic amp (but really i want an excuse to buy another amp). I haven't played on very much amps and still the ones I have are an embarrasment to the word amp (epiphone studio 15R and a Gorilla gt-10).

So going back to what i said. I need a new amp, something very low-wattage as I only do small gigs.

Whether its SS or tube doesn't matter, but obviously, i would prefer a tube amp.
I have a PRS SE custom, and I play rock such as Santana, Nirvana, Nickelback, Journey, 3 doors down, led zeppelin, etc.

I don't really have a budget, but i want something reasonable (im not going to spend $2000 on a >100 watt amp, 15 is well over enough, especially when you have parents like mine). Still, just as a guess maybe $100-$250

One last thing, I need it to be pedal-friendly.
see if you can save up, your not going to get much of an improvement from your Cube 15x...
epi valve junior or small valve amp of that sort should do nicely, add a metal muff or OD in there and youll be pretty set IMO
gregs1020, the crates a little too powerful (18w AND Tube) but i love the price. would you recommend the v5?

applecakes1207 im kinda afraid of the word junior and epiphone after my experiences with a epi studio 15r and epi lp studio.
i like the crate v5, price is good too like on all the v-series amps
if you can save up you'll get better though, like a 15 watt tube amp sounds perfect for your needs
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