I am thinking about swapping the stock speaker in my Peavey Classic 20 for an Eminence Legend 105. What are your experiences with this speaker? I like that fact that the sensitivity is 100 db which sill help this lil amp be a bit louder. Thanks for your help.
I think you'd be better off with a Red Coat model. But, those legend 105's are nice I hear.
Anyways, if you wanted even higher sensitivity in a speaker, I believe the Red Fang has the highest sensitivity out of all the eminence 10" speakers.
And, it may suit your amp better. Back when I owned my Classic 50, I thought it was a bit warm sounding. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I think a brighter speaker like a red fang would balance things out pretty well.
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Thanks for the advice. The problem I am having is that it has to be a 16 ohm speaker which nixes out a few of my choices. I was also looking at the Weber blue pup. It is more expensive but it might be worth saving up for.
can you put an 8 ohm speaker in as a replacement to a 16 ohm speaker?
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can you put an 8 ohm speaker in as a replacement to a 16 ohm speaker?

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