im at my wits end
i hve tryied everything from an equilizer to buying one of those b-52 amps with the 3 channels but cant find a good way to boost my leads. the e.q. pedal cut through real well but killed my tone and the b-52 just killed my tone.
i have two ltd mh models one is a mh-53 and the other my main is a mh-100-qm plaing through a marshal mg 100 with 1960cab. i recently bought a tube screamer to add to my small peadle board ( a noise suppressor and boss corus ensamble) i have it set wher the level is almost on 10 the tone on a little over 12 oclock and the drive almost all the way off and i would like to use it to boost my guitar leads over my other guitarist but not completly over his tone like the e.q. it seems to give me a killer tone but not really boost
i play metal but love to experiment with everything from jazz to folk to blues so the pedal was a great buy but i would love some imput from any one who has done this thanks
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New amp.
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+1, keep your cab but get a tube head.
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thanks that dosnt really help the working man does it in a perfect world my broke butt would own a tube amp but i cant or i wouldnt have put a thread up about it
so if any one knows any thing i can do
You can't really boost SS amps. There are a very select few that are improved in some way by driving the distortion channel.

When using an overdrive to boost a channel, keep in mind, we're boosting, not distorting, you have the drive or gain low and the tone at 12:00 and the output beyond 12:00. I would try using the EQ pedal to add a ton of mids, where the sliders would have a ^ shape. That will make your leads cut through much better, turn it off for rhythm playing if desired.
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i think BBE makes a clean volume boost. check it out, should do what u need
man, as a former MG owner, i must say GET A TUBE AMP
i know ur not looking for that answer. but its true
good cab though..i know a guy who plays a tube marshall through an MG cab.his tone is ****.
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How can a B-52 amp kill the tone of an MG? Maybe you should fiddle around with it more. It should crush the MG's overdrive.
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New amp is a good idea. You could try to turn up the level on the Tubescreamer.
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I'm not sure what you're doing, but I don't see how that B-52 killed your tone. Which model was it? LG, ST, AT? And the settings on an amp matter a lot. What were they?

Doesn't sound like you need any boosting really, just maybe need to figure out how to use these things?
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