Hi guys, let me start off by saying thanks to evrybody who helps me with my question. I want to get a distortion pedal,

after doing some research i've narrowed it down to getting the Metal Muff With Top Boost by Electro Harmonix. After deciding to buy this pedal I went on different sites, compared prices looked at reviews, the usual.

I saw a different pedal aswell. The Boss MT-2 Metal Zone and it was at a cheaper price aswell. My question is which pedal should I get, save up 20 dollars more and get the Metal muff with top boost, or buy the MT-2 metal zone right now?

The type of music that I usually play is punk and metal.
Once again thanks again for your opinions.
I am gonna use a roland cube 60

edit- thanks for your input man!
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Umm, yeah what amp are you using first and please dear god do not say line 6 spider, haha.


You said it before i asked haha, but yeah the metal muff would be good for you.

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Metal Muff walks all over the Metal Zone, but what amp are you using?