I'm gonna use tru-oil on neck and body. Now gotta get the finishing stuff and start crackin'.

No tru-oil so I got miniwax clear gloss poly instead.
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I am interested.
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I've really been considering buying one of these. Looking forward to hearing about how it plays.

I'm looking forward to hear it play too.

Now that I got my hands on it I can feel the quality. I wouldn't wait to get one.

A hardtail kit is $399 which is damn cheap for an USA made guitar. Mine is $600 because my upgrades are string saver saddles, stainless steel frets, 10" radius fretboard, HSS setup, walnut body, and white pearloid PG.

Materials for finishing the body and neck (polywipe) $30.
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the stainless steel frets are definitely worth it
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Quote by walker-rose
mmm walnut!

What I said.

Surprised me though, it's pretty light. Mahogany's heavier than alder and walnut's heavier than mahogany (according to Carvin) but mine feels light. I think the whole guitar gonna be 6-7 lbs max.
Wow very nice. At least using a poly leaves the option of refinishing down the road. I think oil would soak in to far to sand off.

I'd like to know what these are like. I was thinking about the carvin kits.
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I didn't get any tru-oil so I got wipe on poly. Seems I needed some filler because the poly coats are not going on even. There's sone areas that's either soaking up the poly or staying dry. I sanded it and cleaned it with mineral spirits before I started the wipe.

Even did wet sanding between coats to level it except for the last coat (3rd). I got the gloss though.

I went ahead and started putting the guitar together and all I got left was to put the strings on and do a setup.

I wanna play the guitar!

In the future I can redo the body. I coated the neck 2 times and lightly wet sanded the back of the neck. It's nice and smooth.

If I post bigger pics then you'll see the flaws.

I finished the assembly today and did the setup. I played it for a while and damn, it sounds great. The neck is unreal and the frets are so fine. Now that I got a 10" raduis fretboard my hand really feels at home there. That's a big improvement over my other guitars (they were 12" radiuses).

I used my 15 watter for testing as my sis's home so I can't do much. Gotta wait til tomorrow so I can get my jammin' gears out.

EDIT: Here, I took a quick outdoor shot.

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