I'm replacing my PRS but I'm not sure which guitar I should buy. I am looking into the Musicman Petrucci guitar and the Ibanez S5470F Prestige. I am terribly indecisive, so any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Here are links to both guitars.


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I like the petrucci guitar over the ibanez.
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They're both very good guitars, but to me the JP wins because of the S's lesser sustain.
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Petrucci. But you may also want to check out the Luke?
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I say Petrucci. And if you get the Petrucci get it with a piezo option for about an extra 100 at most. It adds so much more for the money. It's basically putting a acoustic guitar option on it. I am a ***** for piezo after hearing it.

The Ibanez is good in these aspects to me. I like using mahogany for body woods since it's such a hard wood. It can really sustain notes. And the thin body of the S obviously. But more recently S buyers have been saying quality has declining lately. If you want an S try for early models. The trem chances are will be better.

Imo I prefer Petrucci's trem as well. I don't know about Ibanez's new ZR trems. But I can pull off some pretty heavy abusive things without a locking nut without going out of tune on the Petrucci that imo is a big plus. Because I can't stand tuning issues and I like to change tunings often as well. If you get the Ibanez it'll be a bit more annoying to change your tuning. And the neck "fits?" my hand better. I don't feel like I am holding this wide neck with Wizard necks. If your budget is extremely high get the Petrucci Family Ball Reserve. That imo is my ultimate guitar.