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Alright im having an insane problem with my tone. all im getting is this flat bassy sound that is not in the least interesting. First of all im playing a fender j bass with newlt added seymour duncan quarter pounds. Its a good bass. My amp is yorkville 200b. first of all i know its not a great amp but im trying to make due. Im looking for a Tim Commorford kind of sound from Rage/Audioslave. Or something moderately close or just a good solid bass tone. I set the amp settings to stock at 0 on everything. im not sure where the knobs should be for a good tone.

Any help at all would be so greatly appreciated im just looking for a solid kick ass tone. Thanks alot in advance everyone.
sounds like a good bass
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I set the amp settings to stock at 0 on everything.

what do you mean by this? bass + mids + trebles all at 0??
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What kind of EQ does your amp have? Is it just bass, mid, and treble? Well, to and some bite and growl like Timmy C, you can start with your bass. Turn your tone all the way up, and put a little emphasis on the bridge pickup, and play closer to it. That alone should give more clarity and bite to your tone. If your amp has a high mids knob, that will also help to add some attack. Treble is also good, but too much of it tends to make your tone very piercing.
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well i set them all to default
i have bass treble mid hi mid

say what, ive never heard of an EQ like that *googles amp*

EDIT: oh well fair nuff
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yeah i suppose its kinda weird lol
well im honestly not too familiar with any of the eq lol thats probably why i have a messed up tone all of the time
i took your advice and fiddled with it a bit and its improving though
abything else will help
New strings will also help. It's a HUGE difference going from dead strings to fresh ones.
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1) Tonnes of amps are like that.
2) New, stainless steel strings are a must here.
3) Roll up the tone knob, take off some treble, add a touch of hi mids and cut a touch of bass. Add low mids to taste. Favour the bridge pickup and play near it.
Dude, I've had that same problem. If you want clear but yet punchy, deep tone. First get a compressor and set it about 4:1 ratio. Then do a mid-scoop. Keep the bass control at about 0 and roll up the treble just a bit. That will give you some kick ass tone! Maintain.
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yeah brand spanking new rotosound swing 66's should do the trick i think?

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