hey. whats up, a buddy of mine and myself really want to starta metal band. like you have no idea. we got kicked out of our old one, because they chose friends over talent. our influences are atreyu, sevenfold, metallica, megadeth, slipknot, bullet for my valentine, and so one. we really need a lead or rythm guitarist, my friend will do either or. a vocalist and drummer. please respond, we really need people, reliable people, we are beyond sersious about this.
where in michigan are u located...i can play lead and rhythm but id prefer rhythm. i also have some buddies of mine that sing and play drums to who are wanting to play in a band as well...
where in MI do you live, and how old are you guys im also looking to start another band, im a pretty good guitarist and i have a drummer that wants to start another band too, PM me with some details
im another guitarist
lead or rythym
jazz/blues influenced metal
own equipment
where r u?
we are around new baltimore, richmond area...kinda around marysvillem we are 18 own our equipment, and i possibly already have a guitar player lined up..sorry guys, but i will keep in touch