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Men are smarter
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Women are
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ok so I searched it but i couldnt find anything so I ask you pit,Which sex is smarted Men or Women?I personally think that you cant say all women are smarter then all men or all men are smarter then all women.

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Each sex has their own strengths and weaknesses so I say they are equal.
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I'm the smarter.
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takes more brais to have a job than to
bake sh*t and pump out kids
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takes more brais to have a job than to
bake sh*t and pump out kids

I lol'd

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I really but really don't want to be sexist but

Men invented most things

and worsts things too kinda >.> . I wonder how would be a world build by women
*massive generalisation*

Women can be such total idiots sometimes. When it comes to love they are wary and evasive to a certain degree, and then they decide "oh my god, he is teh 1, i am in teh love!!11" and all logic flies out of the window. Men live in the real world which is what makes it so hard for them to make a (largely) arbitrary decision to stick with one person.
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Which sex is smarted Men or Women?

Well we are already losing points here guys....