Hi ,

I've only been playing since last novermber , and i got this guitar about the end of january , so when i got this , i didnt know much about guitars outside of "gibson vs fender" . from what i can see , the compay is "chicago" in gold cursive letters (remeniscent of the martin label) and looks like a martin , down to the basic rectangular headstock. its a dreadnought , that was bought by my uncle for me for $40 at a local yard sale. It was pretty banged up , but after repairing the bridge , i basically never thought about it until now. since it looks so much like a martin , i was thinking it might have been a company like emperador or something that got sued and never got big , and if thats the case , i might make some money off of this blasted instrument.

i have no pictures of it

but does anyone know anything about chicago?