hey everyone, new guy here. i got a Peavey TNT 115S 160w bass combo amp and the driver is pretty much shot. i'm looking to replace it but have no idea what options i should consider. i play mainly metal with a Peavey Grind 6 six string. i've been looking at some carvin replacement speakers but don't know if they'd work for me. any ideas?

'parently they've got some decent ones, for a sweet-ass price!

I've also heard good things about the neo speakers that avatar uses. You can call them up and ask how much it will cost just to get the speakers. They have really reasonable prices and the neo will be a fair bit lighter than a traditional speaker.

Or carvin, they sell their neo speakers, I don't see them listed on their site, but I know they were in the last catalogue, so you could give them a ring and ask too. High output and a very broad frequency response, just what a 115 needs