Well, I've been playing guitar for about 6 years and I know how to play a barre chord. But on my classical guitar, playing classical music, I'm having a serious problem playing a barre and having the b-string sound. All the other strings sound except this one. The only way I can make the string sound is to use excessive force that hurts my hand. So, any helpful suggestions or tips or insights? Thanks.
When playing barre chords, it's easier for me on higher action guitars to use more of the side of my index finger rather than laying it flat. You could try that. Other than that, just practice and strengthen you finger.
Maybe your knuckle is right above the b string and the crease in your finger isn't pushing it down well? Try moving the barre up or down a tiny bit. Also make sure your barre is positioned to the far right of the fret. If you can play a barre on an acoustic it shouldn't be a strength thing.