i just placed my order for MIM fender jazz chrome red with rosewood fretboard.

super excited.

anybody have any recommended mods or any advise regarding the bass.

I play bass!
A gotoh or badass 2 bridge is a great upgrade. Maybe new pickups if your not pleased with the sound when you get it. A white pearl or a black pickguard would look great too.
Somarium Cobalt Noiseless or Seymour Duncan Basslines pickups are very good mods, along with a Badass II bridge and Hipshot tuners (possibly with a D-tuner). Maybe a J-retro preamp too. You'd have a sick bass.
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Noiseless pickups (SCN's will give that classic sound), a new bridge (hipshot, gotoh, BAII) and new tuners, and a preamp if you're into the active thing. Like Plague said, the J-retros are point and shoot into the J mould.

Of course none of these HAVE to happen any time soon, but those are some ideas for the future. What you do need to do the second you get it is replace those stock Fender Supers that probably come on it and put on some half decent strings.