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Randy Rhoads
6 43%
8 57%
Voters: 14.

Assuming a certain pilot dident try to clip a bus like a cocaine crazed jackass, and Randy Rhoads was still alive, he is going to battle Buckethead.

1. must play for 3 mins
2. has to have over 1,000 notes hit
3. If you miss a note, your turn is over
4. each person gets 5 turns

each person will be graded on speed, stage presence, and the ability to create a real bitchin sound.

I think With 30 extra years of guitar, Randy would stand the best chance in the world against Buckethead, But then again, its Buckethead. However, compared to Jordan, Crazy Train mops the floor with any metal Buckethead has made.

Who do you think would win?


the best heavy metal guitarist of all time
one good lookin dude

short stature

Mr. Head
can play any style better than most people can play one
one cool lookin dude

speech impediment
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Buckethead FTW.
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I'm sorry, but what the hell?

Randy Rhoads is far from being the best heavy metal guitarist of all time. I mean, what the ****. Okay, the dude was one of the first to implement classical playing w/ metal, and was a good player... But I mean, what the hell?

Buckethead is superior in just about all aspects as far as playing and writing goes.

Jason Becker, paralyzed, would be a better match for Buckethead. That's a ****ing genius. Randy was great, but this topic is just stupid.
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Which one is better?
Do you really think Jordan is Bucketheads best song, and Crazy Train is Randy's best?
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