I've a question that might look stupid but i'm getting my first tube amp soon and I would like to know first if the tubes need replacement sooner when playing loud or is it the opposite? Also, how much does it costs to change the tube in a Fender twin Reverb Reissue?
Last question: If I play let's say 4 days a week at low volume and sometimes at moderate volume how long they will last?

Power tubes need to be changed about every 1-2 years and preamp tubes are 3-4 years, from what I've heard.
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Changing tubes (all of them) could cost anywhere from around $40-$50 to several hundred dollars if you go NOS.

And yes, if you're cranking the amp, you'll need to change the power tubes more often, the more you're pushing them, the hotter they run. If you play at low or moderate volumes, use good tubes and take good care of them they will last for a while, possibly a few years.

Remind me, is the twin reverb tube or solid state rectified?
All tube amp but solid state rectifier. Here's what I read but I think it says that the louder you play the longer they last (english is not my first language...might have done a mistake) : Playing loud and hard will cause your tubes to lose power and tone long before they finally die.

Also, when you push the amp to overdrive, the tube will last less long. But if your using an overdrive pedal does it has the same effect on tube as getting overdrive by pushing the amp?
Well, it will wear out your tubes. Tubes will inevitably fail, but when they start losing their character, they need to be changed. Louder runs them hotter which with extended use, will damage them and thus they need to be replaced.

Your amp will overdrive naturally when you push the amp, and crank it up loud. So yes, that will wear out the tubes, using an overdrive pedal simply lets you get a similar tone at lower volumes. It is easier on your tubes but isn't as responsive or dynamic as true power tube overdrive.

But take care of your tubes and they will last a fair bit of time. Since it is solid state rectified, use your standby (standby is bad for the rectifier tube on tube rectified amps), and don't touch your tubes with your fingers. The oils on your skin can shorten a tube's life span. Vacuums are very fragile environments.
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