What do you think about guys that straighten their hair?
I am fine with it, I don't do it myself but I am not bothered when other men do it.

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Well. My hair is Mega-curly, and long, but sometimes I like to be a cliche metalhead looking guy and straighten it. It's pretty cool, I guess.
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your ripping off some1 elses thread lol
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What do you think about guys that use the search bar?
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inb4 "OMG SEARCHBAR!!!1"

But I straighten mine everyday. I dont think that thers anything wrong with guys doing it.

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I don't care either way. Dudes who straighten their hair make it more manageable and easy for themselves. There was a rather big thread about this the other day, so expect "use the seachbar" comments.
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What the hell does it matter? It doesn't make you gay or anything if you do. Only idiots who are insecure about their own sexuality go "0mgz ur s0 gh3y" about it
when i straightened mine i looked like a bitch
guys actually whistled at me from behind.. i dont even have a nice bum
... at least i hope i dont... eww
I can't believe this is such a hot topic that people have to make multiple threads about it. Just let people do what they want.
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i do it. its not that big of a deal. mine gets wavy in the front so i straighten it but i usually straighten it all.
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inb4 "OMG SEARCHBAR!!!1"

But I straighten mine everyday. I dont think that thers anything wrong with guys doing it.

EDIT: Dammit

ive heard that if you do it everyday ur hair will damage, my aunts hairs damaged because of that

and no, i dont have nothing against it, someday when i get my one ill do it on mine (:
What a man does with his own hair is his own buisiness. I've considered straightening mine, but I think it looks better curly!
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