alright. so i've got this 70's acoustic i want to re-string and clean up. i bought some d'addario pro-arte classical guitar strings.


the way the guitar is strung, its like an electric. as in the strings require the little washer at the bridge end to stay in place.


however, it looks like these strings dont have that little washer. where can i get nylon strings that fit this bridge? or are the washers on these and i just can't see them? (still in packing as i may need to return them)

thank you for your help!
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No, no. Nylon strings don't have anything on the end of them. Put the string through from the top allowing about 2 to 3" poking through. Take the end and fold it back over the bridge and under the string and ...oh stuff it. Go here and look at the step by step photos of how to do it properly:

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You can get ball-end strings, just ask for them in she shop.