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Justin Chancelor
11 27%
28 68%
23 56%
22 54%
20 49%
18 44%
Voters: 41.
Alright guys...heres another round of who gets the table.
Just a game my friends play...

Its a hypothetical scenario so dont rationalize it to death..

here goes..

Theres the most happening club in NYC..However...
There is only one Royalty VIP table that sits above all other VIP tables..
Musicians end up coming in right after eachother..

Who gets the table?

Justin Chancelor.....or.....Flea



Voters..please only vote for one musician per matchup..
I bet Charlie Brown's teacher's name was Mrs.Hammett
What a crappy selection.
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ldl's table?
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What a crappy selection.

Make a better one...lol
I bet Charlie Brown's teacher's name was Mrs.Hammett
Why isn't Chewbacca an option?
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Women's rights.
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I know a good joke:

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ldl's table?

that was the first thing I thought of
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ldl's table?

You're not funny.

Good job getting it first though, lol. I was thinkin' it.
I wanted to vote, but the selection was crap, so I voted for all of them so that my votes wouldn't mean ****.
Justin Who?

Bono and Sting is tough, but you've got to give it to Sting for his totally excellent bass abilities.

You serious about this last one? Bullet For My Valentine all of the way.
I voted for Bono.

He's a great vocalist and a brilliant songwriter, even if he is a huge turd.
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if you're going by fame status then it would go to Bono easily but if you're looking at talent then I would say Justin Chancelor.
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