i was looking around at wireless receivers on musiciansfriend.com because i would like to eliminate some of the cables on my floor. that was when i thought i hadsome idea about them.

could somebody explain to me how this particular one might work?


i understand how you start the signal but no idea how it would reach the amp.
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When it comes to wireless guitar units, usually the rule is "You get what you pay for."

More or less, as a general rule, more expensive = better.
a $50 dollar wireless system

but for a wireless system you have a few ways:
if you only use 1 wireless system you can run your pack or bug to the reciver which can be connected to your pedals or just into your amp.
i recommend investing in a pedalboard, or building your own if you haven't already. it'll make transporting equipment faster and give you a way to cut down on the random tangles of cords.
if i remember correctly, the vhf frequencies that model operates on will be subject to a lot of interference, and is being phased out. i believe it has something to do with hd radio and some other new technologies eating up a bunch of their airspace. don't buy it.
the receiver and the transmitter will be set at a particular frequency. When the tranmitter sends a signal on that frequency, it will be received and played on the amp