Looking for a good amp here but i didn't want to go in the mesa \ Peavey 2000$ ish area figured i keep that kinda budget for a half stack. Took a look at this Carvin V3 212 witch seems to match the very metal sound i play (Ac\Dc to ridiculously heavy Dethklok <3) and it seems to be doing well sound wise. Obviously I'm not looking for a better sounding amp then say, a Mesa Roaster (talking combo here) but then slice 1000$ from the price tag and it might be a good deal no ? And so i turn to the wise people of UG cause i sadly don't know any shops close by who happen to have any V3 models at all. I live far from the city actually. Whats your say on this amp ?
It's a kinda of a hate it/love it amp, if you have a return policy, i say get it.