Hey guys, I'm looking for a beginner's acoustic guitar for a friend (and maybe one for myself so I can mess around on it, I wanna burn my esteban)

I know Yamaha is a pretty good guitar and from what I've read the FG700S is a pretty good guitar, so basically can someone give me an opinion on it? How is the action on it? Or do you recommend another guitar?

He doesn't want to spend more than $300 on a guitar.
Btw this is my first post so I was wondering if I have to be grammatically correct when writing everything?

Thanks in advance guys.
proper grammar is preferred here .. but it dont bother me none .. fg700s is nice for the price .. action is good .. could be lower but its no biggie ... i personally perfer the fg730s ..as i prefer the more boomy bass rosewood has to offer
take it easy man .. its just a thread
Don't worry about action. It can be lowered by sanding down the base of the saddle. Most guitars come with too high action except for expensive ones. Yamaha are great value.
The FG700s is a great guitar for $200. But if you have $300 to spend, then I would go with the FG730s. The improvement is worth the extra $100. I'm not sure that the FG700s costs $200 anymore though (I think it's up to $250 these days). I have no idea what the increase is due to. If it's between a $250 FG700s and a $300 FG730s, then go for the FG730s. Hope that helps.
I'm a totally new guitarist too and the only thing I knew was that I wanted an acoustic guitar. So.... I took a guitar playing friend with me to the music shop and he tried out all of the guitars that I could afford. I ended up with a Yamaha FG730s. I thought it sounded as good or better than rest of the price range. From a new guys perspective I think it's pretty easy to play and I'm having a ball with it !!!!!!
Thanks everyone for the replies.

Akabilk, I don't want the guitar to have high action because I started out with a guitar (Esteban) in which a train can pass underneath the strings (barre chords were a ***** on it) and I don't want my friend having the same problems I did, plus I'm sure he's not going to want to pay for someone to sand his bridge.

I went to Sam Ash to try out the FG700 and it didn't sound too bad, they didn't have the 730 though so I'm going to go to Guitar Center and see if I can test it out.
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