So, it’s time for a new amp and I would like the bass forum’s opinion.
I went down to the music shop on my lunch break to check out what they have and it appears the following 4 will do the job, plus I can get a bloody good deal on them.
I didn’t have time to play any so I will be heading down on Saturday to put them through their paces.
So, how here owns one, has played one or has any info they would like to throw my way? I'm looking for what ever background you can give me.

Fender rumble 100

Eden Nemesis N15S

Randall – RB200X

Line 6 Lowdown LD175

I have a Rumble 100. It's not a bad amp by any means. It is only 100 watts though, so it isn't terribly loud when used in a gig/practice setting.
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cant go wrong with a fender rumble. we have one of those at my music club!

The eden would be good, they make great amps!
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Get the fender rumble 100. I got it for my birthday a couple of days ago and i'm still getting to grips with its greatness. Although I have the 2x10 version, there isnt too much difference in sound.

Don't get the Line 6, i tried one at a store and it was awful. The manager personally came out and told me not to buy it
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I should just type my username, since you all know im gonna recommend ashdown
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I would prolly go with the Eden or the Randall. Avoid Line 6 like the plague. I would,'t recomend the Rumble 100 either. I have it, it's not a bad amp, but after a year with it, I've noticed a few short comings:

1. It's really not that loud.
2. The Tone is pretty Meh. It's not bad, but it can be on the bland side.
look at the acoustic b200 its cheap... i have the b100 same amp but mines 100 watts the b200 is 200... they're good, and they have a good tone... but i would say go to guitar center or a local guitar shop and try some amps out.



the 2nd one is if you want a stack
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^ Mmmmm...I love those acoustic's.
To the TS, DO NOT BUY THE LD175.
I have it, it's horrible.
go with the Randall or the Eden
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i Played an ebs combo recently and if you can get one there great with a really nice tone cant remember which combo it was though

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I would prolly go with the Eden or the Randall. Avoid Line 6 like the plague. I would,'t recomend the Rumble 100 either. I have it, it's not a bad amp, but after a year with it, I've noticed a few short comings:

1. It's really not that loud.
2. The Tone is pretty Meh. It's not bad, but it can be on the bland side.

i have to agree with this. Mys ones started to distort more at lower volumes which is anying so im looking to get something bigger and better soon
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I've only played the Line6 out of those. It's not a great amp by any standard.

In that price range I'd go for a used Peavey or Ashdown, though I hear those Nemesis amps are good. Never tried one though - I've never seen any stocked in any shop I've been to.
My school has a Rumble 100 that I play through there and personally i don't like it, don't know much about the Line 6 however played through the Randall in question and some 200-300 watt Nemesis combos and I love the tone you can get from a Nemesis, the Randall was probably a little to 'metallic' for my liking if you know what I mean plus its HUUGE.

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i have the rumble 2x100 i love it but its not very loud when your gigging, even for small ones but other than that its a good amp but yea if you even plan on gigging soon dont get the fender,
so whats your budget?
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the 45-195 wattage area is an odd spot. Its probably more then youll ever need for personal practice, but usually not nearly enough for a band. If your gonna get a new amp, you may as well save up enough for at least a 200w.

Id recommend the Kustom KBA200
Thanks for the comments people.
Well, it came down to the Eden and the Randall in the end but I went with the Randall for its 200w and more metally tone.
The Eden seemed like a more versatile amp but its 120w just wasn’t enough for what I wanted.
Why all the Line 6 hate? My teacher uses one in his teaching studio, imo it kicks ass, good effects, better than a fair few pedals I've tried, and small, good for stairs >.>
Then again, you don't get to mess around with various speaker/head combinations to find 'your sound', but for the price you could do worse.
And the casing's fibreboard, biggest downfall for me.
Currently planning on buying one used for ~£150... replacing my 35W Orange Crush, of a similar price. Now tell me it sucks >.>

Edit: Didn't finish reading, just don't like to see any brand ripped to shreds like this, enjoy your amp
And my comment is on the 300W version :p
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I think one of the complaints with the Line 6 LD stuff is that it's a modeling amp - it tries to emulate the tones and sounds of other amplifiers. So you're not really hearing the tone of your bass; you're hearing the sound of the amp's processor trying to copy another amp, sometimes more successfully than others.
I've heard the Line 6 effects Pod is a pretty good buy though, if you're into effects.
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