Title says it all.

I'd like some input on which guitar to purchase.

I'm looking for something around the $900 US dollars.
Something with a slim neck would be nice.

Things I'd like:

EMG pick ups, but they're not a must.
OFR, once again, not a must. I may settle for an LFR too.
Something with a nice finish also. None of this solid colour finishes.

The guitar needs to be able to cover a large array of music.
So yeah, recommend away!!
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get a kleenex box, and a paper towel roll thing, and put some elastics on it. that way you can get whatever finish you want, neck is nice and short and thin, and the quality is gonna be better than my Ibanez.
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Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR.

neck isn't as incredibly slim as an Ibanez Wizard neck but it's still pretty thin.
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a Jackson DXMG. Replace it with an OFR.

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The Maton is way too far out of my price range man.
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I came in this thread to think I was the only one who was going to bring up the Schecter Hellraiser C1-FR. Neck-thru, active EMG's, mahogany body (is this too heavy?), extra-jumbo frets, gorgeous black cherry quilted maple top... the only thing you might not like is the neck, which is a little bit fat (think kind of like the width of a strat's neck).

It goes for $850 at Guitar Center, but through haggling I was able to buy it for only $750. Try it.
I don't find mahogany too heavy, I actually find it too dark. It just doesn't give a bright enough tone for my liking.
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epihpone SG? Ive seen it used in many different musical settings, but it has a sumwhat thick neck, tho.
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epihpone SG? Ive seen it used in many different musical settings, but it has a sumwhat thick neck, tho.

I've got an Epiphone LP custom. I don't like Epiphones necks. I was more looking for something with a super strat shape, or a flying V shape, or so on.
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Yamaha RGX-A2, doesnt have emps but this guitar plays every style you want, it's so light. 6 pounds it weighs. Just more than a bag of sugar.
thin neck with an amazing finish which lets you get from the bottom of the nect to the top in no time at all.
Also classy neon light s;D
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Jackson DKMG and replace the LFR?

theyve got some lovely transparent finsihes imo
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